The Northern Lights

Ship: P&O Aurora

P&O Aurora

Visiting Norway and the Northern Lights

Itinerary & Pictures

Day 1Southampton
Day 2At sea
Day 3Kristiansand
Day 4At sea
Day 5At sea
Day 6Tromso
Day 7 Alta
Day 8Alta
Day 9 At sea
Day 10At sea
Day 11Stavanger
Day 12At sea
Day 13Southampton

This was a cruise like non other. We had to make a detour to Kristianand early in the cruise to avoid a storm. As soon as we got the Tromso and Alta it stated to snow. Temperatures reached -13 one night in Alta and 2 of the lifts froze and stopped working. we saw the Aurora of 5 nights in total, some better than others. The pictures I took with my mobile do not show the full glory of what was actually there. A once in a lifetime trip.