The Pyramids I

first fell in love with cruising when, in 1999, I had the chance to join an educational cruise to the Mediterranean at the last minute. Although it was basically a ‘school cruise’ the staff were treated as if it were the real thing. Whilst the children were eating their burgers and beans in the cafeteria we were being waited on hand and foot with our five course gourmet meal.

We visited Turkey, Greece, Israel and Egypt, all in seven days. I fell in love with the Greek island of Patmos and promised I would return soon – minus the school children

In 2001 I went on my first commercial cruise to the Mediterranean and returned to Patmos as promised. Since then have cruised every year, sometimes two or three times.

Now I have retired the cruises will most probably be less frequent, not only because of the cost, but because I am on holiday 365 days a year.

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