1) Whether it be on the Breakfast Show, the main news bulletin or on Radio 4 whenever an interviewee is asked a question they inevitably start their reply with “SO……”. “Tell me Mr Brown, why do you think this happens”. “SO …….”. Does this mean that they all went to the same CPD trainer or do they just lack the vocabulary to answer in a another way? Even a “WELL” would be an improvement.

2) SO my next gripe is politicians who, having completely ignored the question asked of them, make the bold statement “Look, everyone knows that …”, as if by punctuating it with a “LOOK” and emphasising the EVERYONE, we will “know” that, even if we don’t, or disagree with it.

3) The constant sensationalisation by reporters and corespondents of whatever it is they are reporting on. Even when it is not a tragedy or disaster they constantly emphasise, usually accompanied by a hand gesture, nearly every word in the sentence they are saying. So much so that you actually forget what the main thrust of the report was about.

It appears that today, the normal is awesome, the commonplace is iconic and the mediocre epic.