A lady walked into what is left of the DfE in Sanctuary Buildings and walks up to the receptionist.
“Can I speak to Michael Gove please”, she asked.
“I’m sorry but he doesn’t work here any more”, replied the receptionist.
The lady thanked the receptionist and walked off down Great Smith Street.

The next day the same lady walked into Sanctuary buildings and again asked the receptionist if she could speak to Michael Gove. The answer from the receptionist was the same. “I’m sorry but he doesn’t work here any more”.

Next day same time, same place, the lady again asked the same question and a very patient receptionist gave the same answer.

Next day…..

Next day…..

A week later an exasperated receptionist saw the lady entering the lobby, and was prepared. She grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed. “Every day for the last week you have come in here and asked the same question. I Have told you over and over again that GOVE DOESN’T WORK HERE ANY MORE”. Why do you keep asking it?

The lady smiled and replied:

“I just love hearing you say it”!

(with apologies to the late, great Ted Wrag who first said this when Kenneth Baker left the DfE)

“Never in the field of human conflict has so much damage been done by one man to the teaching profession”